Getting Started / Loading the Game

The game isn’t loading when I click play.

When you click the "play" link from the top of the page, the site will scroll down to the section where the game is located. If you are on a slower connection, it might take a minute or so for the game window to load. Once you see the Risk Horizon logo and the start button, you should be good to go. If you don’t see the risk Horizon logo and Start/Tutorial buttons after a couple minutes, you should check to make sure you are running the latest version of flash. Follow this link to check

I see the Risk Horizon logo, pressed start, but now the game is frozen on the loading screen!

After you click start, the game will need to load further assets before you can play. How fast this loads depends on your connection, and could take up to 2-5 minutes on network connection speeds lower than 5mbps.

The game is still not loading/running slowly after a significant amount of time.

Try clearing your browser cache. Depending on the browser you use, it can typically be found under the “settings” or “preferences” tab. This will help clear memory in your browser and might improve performance.

I’m trying to play the game on my ipad or mobile device and its not working.

Because the game is exported as a flash file, Risk Horizon will not work on ipad and most mobile devices due to lack of support. Try playing on a PC or Mac computer. Other versions that support mobile and tablet devices will be available at a later date.

Upon loading the game, everything looks out of place and positioned wrong.

When your browser window is zoomed in, the graphics become distorted and incorrectly positioned within the game window. Make sure your window is at the normal “100% zoom.” You can check this in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and most other browsers by clicking on “actual size” under the view menu. Once your browser is back to normal screen size, try refreshing the page and loading the game again.

I can click on comets and open the development build box, but the game won't let me gain research or build anything.

When the pause button is engaged, you are still able to click on comets, check the health of your pods, and see which insurance plan you have. This allows you to strategize what your next step will be. Unfortunately, while you are paused you won’t be able to enact any actions. Make sure the pause button is disengaged before you try to take action!

Game Controls and Functions

How do I successfully complete a round?

Remember, to win, you need to build and upgrade your pods. These help your meter fill faster. The more pods you have (and the more upgrades you have) the faster your meter will fill, helping you reach your goal in time. You can build many pods at once as long as you have the resources for it! The goal is to try and balance between all of these actions in real time in order to master the game.

How do I protect against comets? I keep getting damaged!

Protection (the slider on the bottom right) is how you can protect against comets. If you keep holding that slider, you will slowly increase the amount of protection your island has (indicated by how high your island rises and the number of luminated blocks in the meter). If your protection meter, located to the right of the slider, matches the severity of a comet that hits, you will be fully protected.

What is research and how does it help?

Research is collected simply by having a comet selected and the telescope window open. The more time you spend with the comet selected, the more research you will collect. You don’t need to do anything other than have the comet focused, but this takes away time you could spend doing other actions. Its all about balancing!

What does research do and why should I bother with it?

The more research you have, the more time you will have to make community connections before a shock hits. If a comet hits and you have no research, you will only have three seconds, making the multiple connections difficult. This is another way you can prepare for incoming shocks if the protection slider begins to cost too much money.

What is the point of the minigame where you connect the yellow glows?

Click and drag from one highlighted glow to the next in order to make a connection. When you complete a connection set, you boost your overall protection. The more connections you make, the more protection you can gather. This will add to the protection you gained by using the protection slider.

Sometimes I don’t get a chance to make community connections, wasting my research.

This minigame doesn't trigger unless the comet hits. One strategy is to look at the "chance of hit" meter to see how likely that comet will hit you. If its low, it might be best to take the risk and not spend time researching that comet.

What does insurance do and how do I use it?

When you purchase an insurance plan, you are protected for the rest for the round. Damaged growers will be cheaper depending on the plan you buy. Buy insurance by clicking on the button next to the protection slider and opening the purchase menu. Select a plan by clicking on a radial button and pressing the purchase button. Each round the plan's will increase in cost, reflecting the amount of development you have done.

When I am protecting, I notice my development bar turns red. Why?

Whenever you are protecting, your pods are not developing. This is something you must keep in mind when you are attemtping to balance preparing for comets and reaching your goal before time runs out.